Ziegler/Siegfried Genealogy

St. Peters Lutheran/UCC Cemetery

West Pikeland Township

Chester County, PA

Last Name First Name MI Birth Death Age Picture # Remarks
Emrey Elizabeth   10/23/1734 4/23/1828   dscn0455  
Emrey George   5/11/1730 7/26/1800   dscn0455  
King Abraham   12/28/1819 8/1/1898 78Y 2M 3D spcp0001  
King Albert E. 10/21/1847 1/30/1848   dscn0450 Son of Joseph & Barbara King
King Catherine     12/31/????   spcp0003 Stone broken; wife of Abraham
King Catherine   12/3/1793 3/5/1861 67Y 3M 2D spcp0004 Wife of George King
King Clarence         spcp0005 stone unreadable
King George   12/10/1830 10/9/1902 71Y 9M 29D dscn0465 Photo shows his Civil War Service tag also
King George   11/17/1787 2/17/1864   spcp0007  
King Hillery   4/14/1871 7/2/1936   spcp0008  
King Howard M. 3/11/1858 9/23/1863   spcp0009 son of George and Sarah King
King John   9/29/1751 5/3/1811 59Y 7M 6D dscn0453 Headstone in German
King Lydia E.   8/18/1851 ?Y 8M 21D spcp0010  
King Michael   8/12/1714 10/10/1783 69Y 1M 28D dscn0451 Headstone in German
King Phillip     1/11/1826 ? Y 29 D dscn0449  
King Sarah   5/17/1831 11/25/1888 57Y 6M 8D spcp0011 Wife of George King
King Sarah   9/21/1826 5/31/1853   spcp0012  
March Mary   ??? ???   dscn0461 Stone is not very legible; wife of Samuel
Neiler Sarah   2/18/1813 9/28/1900   spcp0013 wife of Amos Shoffner **
Shoffner Amos   10/11/1807 3/23/1877   spcp0013 **
Shoffner Anna Mae 1878 1942   spcp0016 **
Shoffner Catherine         spcp0014 wife of Daniel Shoffner; stone very faded **
Shoffner Dů.     182? 13Y 4M 10D dscn0458 Stone is not very legible
Shoffner Daniel     4/30/1847 65Y 10M 15D spcp0015 **
Shoffner Dorthea     ??? ??? dscn0457 Stone is cracked and illegible
Shoffner Elizabeth     12/30/1849 69Y 10M 12D dscn0460 Wife of John Shoffner
Shoffner Elmer C. 1876 1938   spcp0016 Pvt. Co. M 28th Regt. Inf. S.A.W. **
Shoffner Emma J. 1859 1943   dscn0464  
Shoffner Esther N.   1/3/1905 80Y dscn0463 "In her 80 Year"
Shoffner George     3/22/1883 72Y 2M dscn0462  
Shoffner Infant son   3/2/1844 3/14/1844   spcp0013 **
Shoffner Isaac N. 1837 1914   dscn0464  
Shoffner John   2/15/1779 3/8/1831 55Y 21D dscn0459  
Shoffner Martin     9/25/1821 52Y 11M dscn0456  
Shoffner Martin   1/24/1806 12/26/1889   spcp0017 **
Shoffner Samuel     2/4/1883 57Y spcp0018 **
Shoffner Sarah R.   6/20/1890 58Y 2M 5D spcp0019 wife of Samuel Shoffner **
Smith Deborah     4/6/1840   dscn0447 Dau of John and ?? Smith - stone very faded
Smith Isaac     7/18/1853 93Y dscn0442  
Smith John     9/24/1830 39Y dscn0445 Son of Isaac & Mary Smith
Smith Leonard     5/18/1801 79Y dscn0454  
Smith Maria   4/10/1792 7/9/1852   dscn0446 Wife of John Smith
Smith Mary     12/14/1844 80Y dscn0443 Consort of Isaac Smith, Sen.
Tredenic Isaac   1/29/1821 10/23/1849   dscn0444 Memorial on stone

** These photographs were provided to me by John Shoffner


If you have questions or input on the information shown here, please email me at mikez704@cox.net.
I will be glad to share information on my research.

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